About Us

When did we make our first appearance?

November 2016 we were part of a wifi and cellphone project. Where cellphone users could connect to wifi whilst roaming their neighbourhood. That was our beginning. We bought licensed software in dollars, but soon discovered that we had to take care of a few business risks that is unique to South Africa.

Where to from here?

January 2017 we started building our own Voice over IP (VoIP) server and at first we could only make extension calls. We partnered with a reliable Service Provider and can now offer a comprehensive telephone service like any other VoIP business can. We offer you your own telephone number. Your cellphone, laptop or VoIP handset is a breeze to setup. With us you can make calls immediately after setup and we come to see you at your home or business. We have a Enterprise quality fibre line backing, so we are geared for growth into eternity.

What`s next?

Being a VoIP provider we are constantly aware of data quality. Most of our clients operate on mobile data to connect to us and mobile providers differ significantly from area to area. The quality of the same mobile data provider also differs from area to area. This leads us to search for better technology available in the market, so we are forever looking for better ways to do business.