How does VoIP Work?

Data access

VoIP runs on data, whether it is mobile data, ADSL, WiFi or Fibre. Basically you need internet access to your cellphone, tablet, laptop or VoIP handset.

We have a reliable WiFi partner, if you are worried about your WiFi quality.

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When do I need Airtime?

Firstly on-network calls are free. When you make calls to other networks, like landlines or cellular numbers, you need Airtime. There is a termination cost between networks and we are obliged to charge our clients accordingly.

Where can I buy Airtime?

From us! Several clients have signed a debit order for a fixed amount, that is then credited to your client profile monthly. You can also EFT to our FNB Cheque Account 62744363433 and send a proof of payment to 0739540196 or