Voice Campaigns

With Voice Campaign you don`t need to install anything . This is very handy for Birthday, Anniversary wishes and everyday reminders.

I have a client that sells and repairs motorbikes. His team is small and they are very busy. His admin person finds it hard to cope with all the admin and telephone calls. They implemented Voice Campaign to send out a Voice Message to all who indicated they want to buy a second-hand quadbike when they arrive. Instead of calling each one at a time, they can now contact several prospective clients in a click.

The same with bike services; they have a standard message that says “Your bike is ready for collection”. Works very well for them. You can specify certain days of the week and during certain hours of the day when the Voice Message is allowed to be delivered. You provide us with a pre-recorded message or a script layout and we`ll create a standard message for you.

The server calls all the numbers in a sequence, wait for the person to answer and then delivers an interactive message to the receiver. The call receiver gets an option to respond, like pressing the number 1 on the keypad to confirm receiving the message. Other options can include to press the number 0 (zero) on the keypad to speak to a consultant during the call and be routed to reception or your company inbound call center to receive personal attention.

This service exceeds the bulk SMS, because it is interactive and the client has the option to speak to someone directly from there. The product is designed for the high volume client industry, where it is expensive and challenging to promote a new product or sometimes it is just to make contact and show your client that they are not just a number.

What does Voice Campaigns enable you to do?

Contact a large chunk of your clients simultaneously.

What scenarios would work?

If you need to promote a new product or service. If you need to send an emergency notice or disaster alert. Election or party campaigns. If you need to remind your club members of a specific function, sport day or practice.

Any scenario where a phone call can deliver the message more effective and with more certainty.

How do I know that my client received the message?

We prompt the receiver of the call to respond by pressing a button on their phone`s dialpad. We deliver a report on every call that was made.

Are you worried that the client would make a call on your account?

Pressing 0 (zero) during a call is optional, but at no cost extra. Besides Voice Campaigns, we also do  VoIP Telephony. Sign up for this additional service and we`ll enable 10 extensions, call queuing, interactive voice response, port your existing telephone number or provide you with a new number. This way, you dont have to carry the call costs when your client decides to press 0 (zero) and speak to a consultant of yours. Calls between extensions are free.

I`m interested, how do i sign-up?

Any one of the below options will do:

Download our VoIP Registration Form from our website and upload again, after completing or

Use the Contact Form on the right and we`ll call you or

Call 021 286 6000 during office hours or

Use our Whatsapp app at the bottom right of our website during office hours.